A passion for Irish history, traditional stories and good food are the three reasons Eric loves his job at Ireland Chauffeur Travel so much – his role as a specialist tour guide gives him the chance to sample and share all three! Adare Manor and The Dunraven Arms are top of Eric’s list for incredible food – and he should know, he used to run a restaurant with his wife in the UK.

Eric’s a fan of rugby, equestrian sports and motorcycling – and can point you in the direction of the best spots for each, when you’re on your trip. If you haven’t seen a proper rugby game up close, then that’s something to experience – think American football, but without the pads!
The warm welcome of the Irish people is his favourite thing about Ireland, and he recommends a trip along the Wild Atlantic Way – for stunning coastline, beautiful landscapes and wild unabandoned countryside. He suggests you relax, take your time to enjoy the natural wonder of Ireland, and soak up the rich cultured atmosphere, as well as the wicked sense of fun of the Irish people.