Last updated January 2021

Private Golf Tours Ireland Covid-19 Protocols, 2021

The safety and duty of care of our guests, staff and local community is our priority at all times and we are closely monitoring and responding to all industry advice around all aspects of travel and tourism. With your safety in mind, we have implemented the following procedures with immediate effect: 

  •  At Private Golf Tours Ireland, we own our own fleet of Mercedes vehicles, which ensures we can implement our strict Health, Hygiene & Safety Policy to the highest level.
  • Prior to and on conclusion of each tour, vehicles will be thoroughly sanitized both exterior and interior. All key touchpoints have been mapped and will be sanitized throughout touring.
  • Your Driver Guide will wear a mask at all times in the vehicle and refrain from greeting guests with a handshake at this time.
  • All of our fleet have state-of-the art automotive air-conditioning systems and all will be programmed not to re-circulate air within the vehicle.
  • Hand sanitizers will be supplied for Driver Guides and guests for use each time they enter the vehicle.
  • All staff have signed a company agreement to adhere to social distancing and safe practises outside of work hours.
  • All Driver Guides will be temperature checked for one week prior to a tour and daily while on tour. Temperature checks are available for all guests.
  • Following NTA advice, we have not installed barriers between the passenger and the Driver Guide. However, our executive cars and MPVs enable extended physical distancing between driver and guest. In addition, for further peace of mind, guests will be vehicles of a larger size to facilitate further distancing.
  • Our model for private guided touring ensures guests will not spend prolonged periods in-vehicle. This will continue during this time with stop-offs at least every 90 minutes.
  • We request that guests remain in the same seat for the duration of their tour.
  • Driver Guides will log all journey stops and log the contacts for any people guests are in contact with while on tour with them.
  • When guiding on-site, our Driver Guides will implement social distancing rules with all guests and/or other tourists.
  • No food or drink may be consumed on board the vehicle with the exception of bottled eco-spring water supplied with our compliments.
  • If you have travelled to Ireland from a country that is not on the Ireland’s Covid-19 Green List (which can be found here), we ask that you have restricted your movements for 14 days prior to touring with us, unless you are using our services for transport-only to your place of quarantine by arrangement with the office.

All protocols were designed in line with advice from national and global health, tourism and transport bodies.

When clients travel with Private Golf Tours Ireland, they relax and truly enjoy their journey around Ireland, safe in the knowledge there is a professional at the wheel in every sense. We look forward to bringing that experience to you.

Covid-19 Safety CharterSafety Charter Logo

We are proud to confirm the Private Golf Tours Ireland team has completed the Covid-19 Safety Charter.

What is the Covid-19 Safety Charter?

The COVID-19 Safety Charter is a Government-endorsed initiative and once undertaken, it demonstrates to domestic and overseas visitors that a business can continue to operate safely. The aim of the initiative is to reinforce confidence in responsible tourism businesses. We were signed up and approved in the first week of the roll-out of the initiative.

In signing up to this charter, we are demonstrating our commitment to the health and safety of clients and staff and agree to the following:

  • All staff have completed hygiene and safety control training.
  • We agree to be subject to being spot-checked by authorities.
  • We follow all recommended cleaning and safety guidelines.

In addition, Private Golf Tours Ireland has industry leading protocols in place which are detailed below.

How Private Golf Tours Ireland supports clients

Our team are continuing to assist all clients who had to change their travel plans due to Covid-19. We have launched a Lifetime Deposit Policy and implemented a 100% Flexibility Policy for all clients, enabling them to postpone and rebook their tour within the next two years without incurring any additional re-design or re-booking charge.

All clients who book with Private Golf Tours Ireland clients enjoy the benefits of our Book with Confidence Policy. This means:

  • Clients can change the date of their tour anytime before 14 days of departure for any future date, with no charge.
  • All participant names on bookings to be changed.
  • All Booking Fees are treated as lifetime deposits. This means your Booking Fee, which covers the cost of your Travel Advisor planning your cherished trip, has a lifetime guarantee. These deposits can also be transferred as a gift voucher.