Michelle is originally from Norton, Massachusetts but for the past 5 years has called Ireland Home. She lives in Tipperary Town – yes that place from the song! Her favourite thing about Ireland? The culture. “When people ask me why I love living in Ireland, that is the first thing I think of. I have never met more friendly people who are always willing to help out a stranger. The culture is so relaxed and no one is in a rush. Having moved to Ireland not knowing anyone, I can truly say that I was welcomed by the country and the people with open arms!”

Michelle brings her appreciation of Irish culture and friendliness to her day-to-day, helping guests from all over the world plan their trip of a lifetime around Ireland. She is a self-confessed foodie, so she can always recommend great places to sample Irish cuisine. She’s also particular about keeping an eye on the infamous Irish weather – checking a weather app everyday so she knows exactly how to dress. Irish weather is so unpredictable, you have to be prepared for everything!

Myths and legends are an important part of Irish culture, but Michelle couldn’t believe when she heard about how important and revered Fairy Forts are – these are special places thought to attract fairies. In fact, so afraid to disturb the fairies, recent construction of a motorway in County Clare was diverted around one particular fairy fort, so as not to bring bad luck!

Michelle advises guests to bring an open mind and don’t expect things to happen fast in Ireland – it’s all part of our laid-back culture! Not everything will be the same as in your home country, but that’s what makes travelling so great!